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We are Luke and Jessica! Our dream is to live in the mountainous, snowy Colorado countryside. Our reality is that we are moving to the flat, rainy, and urban city of Berlin. God has a plan. And we wouldn’t trade it in for all the snow-capped mountains in the world!  

God’s plan began to come to fruition in 2018, when we were exploring our next future steps after being newly married. We had become deeply invested in full-time ministry and knew we wanted to continue serving God in this capacity by working at our local church. But over the next few years, we became deeply convicted by the desire to put our education, skills, and experiences to good use in a cross-cultural setting. And so, the exploration began. Every door we knocked on re-directed us back to Germany. The one that finally opened set us on a straight path to Berlin. 

If you want to hear more about how this story unfolded, please feel free to reach out to us!

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I hail from sleepy southern Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay area. My favorite hobbies are learning about coffee (which of course includes drinking it!), hiking and backpacking in the mountains, and adventuring and traveling just about anywhere! As the youngest of 7 siblings, I have many fond memories of growing up with a large family. Sneaking downstairs at night to hang out with my older brothers is definitely one of them. A little backstory… I slept in a hallway nook because, naturally with 7 kids, you just run out of rooms. Instead of sleeping, I was eagerly listening to every single sound of fun and laughter coming from my older brothers and their friends downstairs. To this day, the FOMO (fear of missing out) still sticks with me! Where the action is happening is where I like to be! Being around people is my favorite and God has utilized this love to help shape and direct my desire to serve him in full-time ministry. After graduating Moody Bible College in 2016 with a degree in Pastoral Studies, I was able to convert my education into practice as Worship Arts and Youth Pastor. These experiences have confirmed that serving God in a pastoral and disciple-making capacity doesn’t just reflect my education, but also my passion for people. I intend to serve the Lord in this way for as long as he allows and am excited to see the fruit that this desire will produce in Berlin. 


I grew up in a tiny country village in beautiful German Bavaria. While being in Germany feels like home in many ways, big city living is a new adventure! In my teenage years, I moved to the Pacific Northwest and was half-Americanized, although some idioms and most pop-culture references will still totally escape me! That could also have something to do with the fact that I’m a Philosophy major and would rather read a book about what makes a movie funny than watch an actual funny movie. Some might call that strange, but I just Kant help it… Apart from making lame jokes, I also love to experiment with cooking, go camping, learn horticulture, listen to the sound of the Washington rain, and most of all, love the Lord with all my being and serve the people He has made. Despite all the weight and sins of the world, my mind is always blown how much beauty and goodness there can still be seen in it. For every tragic need there is an exciting potential. My greatest desire is that God would use me in any way to help people’s potential come to fruition through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ taking root in their lives.